Waht is OpenDNS?

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Re: Waht is OpenDNS?

lylejk wrote:

I've been using OpenDNS for years (literally). Highly recommend it. Have never had an issue with OpenDNS ever and in fact, when Knology had a DNS issue at my last job, I substituted OpenDNS and all was well for me when I need internet access.

Well, you might take a look at what ICANN and the Internet Architecture Board had to say about Verisign's implementation of the same basic service:


The situation with OpenDNS is a little different because it is voluntary. Verisign imposed their equivalent service on the entire community. However, I would suggest the technical and privacy issues are pretty much the same.

A more comprehensive analysis was published some months later:


If you study those findings, I think it's pretty hard to support catch-all wildcards in the DNS system.

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