Everyones favorite 'Street Photography' Lens & Why?

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Re: Everyones favorite 'Street Photography' Lens & Why?

With my Olympus system I prefer the 40-150mm lens for street photos. With my Canon system I prefer the 55-250mm lens. But I'll use my wide angle lenses and one other telephoto lens. I don't like limiting myself to any focal length (within what I can afford to use). It's all based on what seems best at the time. I normally carry with me three DSLR cameras with lenses attached, so I just grab the camera and lens combination I want. But the two above lenses are mostly used with each of those systems. It just seems to work out well for me that way, so that the camera isn't too close to being annoying to people.

I have no idea why some people don't like "zooms" for street photos (like above 50mm FL). The compression argument falls flat, if a good background is chosen...and basically if it is an excellent photograph. My latest Canon 55-250mm IS lens is relatively small and lightweight with a reach as far out as 400mm EFL.

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