D800E sample images and moire test

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D800E sample images and moire test

I did a shoot of the cityscape yesterday and was also looking to photo objects that may show moire.

So far I haven't seen any although the shot of the Opera House shell roofs with its repeating patterns of small tiles would be a good candidate. I did see moire on this when I resized the image but only on the viewNX monitor not the saved image. It is not there in this image nor in the full size image.

These images were all taken as NEFs, landscape mode and no post processing beyond RAW conversion and distortion correction.

http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230478/original Sydney Opera House
http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230478 regular

http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230477 Sydney Central Business District Large
http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230477/large regular

http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230085 The Sydney Harbour Bridge large

http://upload.pbase.com/gregbradley/image/143230085/large The Sydney Harbour Bridge regular

I took some video as well which I'll be checking for moire. So far moire seems to be not much of an issue with stills.


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