HOW disappointed are you?

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Re: "HOW disappointed are you?" (I am Not At All Disappointed)

I am perplexed. Hyping a reconfiguration of old products without a significant upgrade of the weak features (LCD screens, etc.) is not a wise marketing move. Moreover, the Monochrome and a $7,200 summicron demonstrate that Leica is looking backward and at a very small niche within the already small existing Leica community.

How different the reaction and financial future would be if they took the legendary image quality of the sensor without the anti-aliasing filter and the superb lenses into a more progressive delivery package with a great LCD and improved DR and low light capabilities. There would be excitement and existing customers, as well as new ones, would be looking at getting into the system.

These releases show a re-use of old technology to try and flog a few more sales out of the same old products. It is not a good sign for the M-10.

The good news (I guess) is that I will not be tempted to upgrade my M9 if the M10 continues with minimal incremental improvements.

Leica needs some new blood in the development and marketing divisions. Blackstone, no doubt is watching!

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