HOW disappointed are you?

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Re: "HOW disappointed are you?" (I am Not At All Disappointed)

BRJR wrote:

First of all, since two years now, I have had all the Leica gear I want (all, listed in my profile); and, secondly, I can see potential use for a lot of people wiith the new monochrome digital-m (especially, Leica film shooters that have held onto or purchased leica-m film bodies mainly for shooting black and white), and for all the other stuff that Leica presented today. None of this stuff is something that I am interested in or have use for; but at the same time, they appear to all be excellent products that will continue to help Leica expand, attract new customers and remain profitable.

I've got a friend on Facebook who is a die-hard Leica film shooter. If anyone was going to be excited about this, it would have been him, so I thought. He thinks the price-point is just mind-numbing, bat-poo, crazy. I'm paraphrasing.

You'd have to shoot a whole lot of B&W film to make up for an $8K cost. I pay about $2 per roll (and develop it myself). I'd have to shoot 4000 rolls, or about 140,000 pictures.

(in 5 years I've shot less than 12,000 photos on my M8 for some comparison - LOL)


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