Metabones EOS to Nex-7 now available & on the way!

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re: the more flexibility for end user, the better IMO

Apologies for the delay.

I think everything should be optimised around dynamic shooting, as I am not a pro!

The pros can decide to use the functionality or not - up to them. They don't lose out.

Can you describe step by step how you would like it to work, as I am not clear around your usability issues.

jpr2 wrote:

An interesting perspective, however, I'm all for more options and
more flexibility = end users will find their ways to tailor what is
available to a situation at hand, or to their particular needs/predilections.

Unfortunately, this is no the case with N7's FW, which all too often
reveals its basic blueprint of designers thinking it might not be a best
tool for dynamic action shooting. Despite being a flagship NEX body!
Look at the way they implemented LA-EA2 - it shares PDAF sensors
not with top of the line alphas, but A55 instead:
So it is not a surprise that both peripheral groups of sensors (8 out of
15, which means majority, are rather useless for dynamic action tracking,
or at least seriously hobbled).

I still did not finish analyzing all consequences of the change Conurus
implemented in FW v.05 in comparison to v.03 - but the coupling
FP with MF-assist seems to be a major impediment, and a clear step
backwards, even if by doing so they made it even closer in behavior
to the way Sony designed operations of native E-mount lenses !!

In short - yes, optimize the design for dynamic shooting (your [2] &
[4]); as for static objects there is always time galore to cope with even
most difficult light constraints.

And... I gather this is your conclusion too??


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