G.Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens possible to adapt to M8?

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Re: How do M39 screw mount lenses work on an M9?

PaulChapman wrote:

I have an old FEDIII and, among the various lenses, there is a Jupiter 11 135mm M39 screw mount lens. Would it be worthwhile getting an adaptor for my M9? Apparently it can be done, but I don't know whether the results would be any good; for example can you trust the focussing? ...

The rangefinder focusing mechanism has not changed. Leica specifically designed the M-mount's focusing system coupling to be 100% compatible with the older thread mount lenses. It's been that way since 1954 or so when the M3 was released.

Whether the lens is any good, well, only you can answer that once you try it. An LTM to M-bayonet adapter is cheap enough.

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