D800 quick portrait test

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Re: D800 quick portrait test

Thanks for the comment. If I had a cat I would of posted a pic of it instead, just to keep the tradition going

Yes the auto WB is great and the tones look great on the D800 raw files. I could not believe it at first. Because I am not used to tweaking the files that fast compared to the D700. I found D700 skin tones hard to get them right. It is a bit of a struggle for me. I at times had to go and desaturate reds a bit to get them looking good. At times I would go into photo shop and look at the color values and see if they look good. D800 looks very natural right at the import. Besides this photo that is very dark and required me to do a minus 1.3 EV, the metering is also very good even with slight window back lighting. I was not really confident in the D700 metering and a times I would rather spot meter of the face to get the exposure right. I am not knocking on D700, it is a great camera. I have two and will keep them for backup, but I find D800 so far more enjoyable to use knowing that there is going to be less tweaking in LR to get the files right.

Hope this helps.

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