Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: I got drawn in to this...

Melbourne Park wrote:

PerL wrote:

But Pentax has an unique range of very small, compact, well built primes. The widget for comparision only includes a few of them.

And in time, m43 will not only have similar primes probably, but they'll have compact zooms as well.

I think it could be argued m43 already has similar small primes, in focal lengths that count. Pentax has a number of lenses here, but consider the 15/4 is 2-stops slower than the similar-sized 12/2, and then the most diminutive lenses of all (Pentax 40/2.8s) are limited by a legacy FF film DSLR flange distance, so what is the point in having the worlds smallest interchangeable lens when it is limited to a "no-man's land" 60mm FOV? m43 already has a diminutive fisheye, 14/2.5, 17/2.8, 20/1.7 (a true normal), and the 45/1.8 (90mm portrait lens). All of which can fit together in a SINGLE jacket pocket. There is also the 25/1.4 for those who want the AF speed and better bokeh in their normal. FE,24,28,35,40,50,90. Add in the two larger "strange FOV" Sigma's (for APS-C legacy reasons, m43 too has a f2.8 "60mm equiv" prime - if you REALLY want it!), the upcoming 75/1.8, and they will have covered nearly every possible fast-compact-prime need outside of super-telephoto birding/sports... but that is a whole different set of priorities.

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