Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

Started May 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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As biased as can be

Ben3D wrote:

I was trying to match focal lengths after crop factor. If you wanna stay in the 20mm 1.x size/speed, here ya go:


only a 24 avail for the E-5, but does it really matter?

Pentax has a wider range of very compact primes than any other brand, yet you choose to compare the OM-D fitted with the smallest m43 lens vs a Sigma monster sized prime on the K5.

You cant choose the Pentax 21, 40 or 70 panncakes in the widget but here is at least a comparision with 45 1.8 Oly and the 77 1.8 (actually a FF lens) for a reasonable match in FOV.

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