E-M5 - battery consumption & other sleep mode issues

Started May 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
coroander Regular Member • Posts: 237
Eye-fi doesn't turn off with E-M5 power switch

I've noticed that my Eye-fi card doesn't turn off when i switch the power switch off. E.g.: switch computer off, take photos, turn camera off using switch, turn on computer, see images transferred from Eye-fi card to computer.

I have noticed completely drained batteries overnight (although not always even with images waiting to be transferred) and suspect it's related to this, possibly if i leave the camera in a location where wi-fi signal is marginal. That the battery indicator moves quickly from full to empty means that it probably doesn't take much draw to make it look like lots of power was consumed when it was only a small amount.

I sometimes now switch off the Eye-fi card using the camera settings if i'm worried about battery drain. I do not know if this helps...

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