HOW disappointed are you?

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Re: HOW disappointed are you?

Michael S. wrote:


The same body, same layout, just little (if at all!) modified AF-module, same old LCD, same f2.8 lens - all that already not state of the art way back in 2009 - and now in 2012 your are satisfied for a list price of $1,995.00?

Puh...I am calling myself a LEICA nerd...but...

not sure i understand. the X1 has always made excellent photos and has the best control layout of any fixed lens camera around. they've put in a new sensor and added the ability to use an EVF. Leica improved the function–making photos–on an already excellent camera without changing the things that make it excellent. that seems great to me.

price is irrelevant, it is what it is. the X1 at a similar price has sold steadily to those who appreciate what it is. it's not all things for all users, it appeals to a specific audience just like the Sigma fovean compacts.


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