Here's a photo of children I don't know...

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Re: Here's a photo of children I don't know...

Yes, Steve, I agree with you. There were several threats of implied violence, and I found that quite troubling.

What is even more troubling is that these persons didn't mention the best course of action: politely asking the photographer to not take pictures of their children and to delete the ones they'd already taken.

I was at a farmer's market a few weeks ago (a few days after getting my 5D3) and I was snapping pics left and right. A woman ran up to me and ask if I was employed by the market, and I said that I was just taking pictures for myself. I had taken a picture of her child in a stroller, from about 10m away. Honestly, I didn't care about the picture. Anyway, after I answered her question, she proceeded to yell profanity at me. I waited for her to finish and said "it's too bad, all you had to do was ask me nicely to delete the photos and I would have." She launched into more 4 letter words and walked off.

My point is this: be nice, be reasonable, and people will treat you with respect and probably do what you ask.

Act like a jerk (like some of the people on this forum have suggested they would act), and you won't get what you want, and you might get arrested.

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