Question about how to best use my DSC HX200V

Started May 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Chimere Senior Member • Posts: 1,583
Re: Question about how to best use my DSC HX200V

Instead of two arms / brackets you may use laser pointers, mounted with your tripod. These you may not even need to shut off when you take the shots. You have to use your own imagination how to go about building that. Or find a friend who is a handy man.

About the light: since you want to show changes in your body build - muscles mainly ? - a diffuse light a diffuse light from the side with some soft shadows would show what you have, or will have. Bringing your face into all that, you will have to work on that. The thrill of this project partly will be to figure things out until your imagination produces the results you aim at.

I am afraid that this is all I can offer.

Good luck and post some of your shots.


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