HOW disappointed are you?

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Re: HOW disappointed are you?

I am very disappointed. Leica is well known for milking their loyal customers. Why anyone would prefer a monochrone camera rather than doing B&W conversion of a colour image is beyond me. The finest B&W images aren't usually about pinpoint sharpness or fine grain, they are about emotion and composition and I'd much rather be able to apply colour filters to my B&W conversions.

Also what is it with Leica removing parts of an existing camera and then offering it as a new variation at $1000 more?

I think they've made a very big mistake here and if I had traveled there from N.America to hear that I'd be writing less than complimentary things about it in my blog.

They won't sell anywhere near enough of these mono M9s to make up for the loss of M9 sales over the last months due to people (like myself) waiting for a possible M10 announcement.

Big facepalm.

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