Do you miss VR on the 85mm f/1.8 G ?

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Re: An alternative: the 70-200 VRII

Yes there are circumstances where VR is beneficial.

But this thread started saying pretty much - 85mm f1.8 why does it not have VR? .. the 85mm is normally used as a portrait lens, often head and shoulders, and it is quite a fast one at f1.8. Normally one takes portraits in reasonable light so why does the 85mm need VR?


It seems some people are perfectly happy to not have VR, and that's great for you folks - it's a great lens, cheap, and does what it was intended to do exceptionally well.

For me personally, I wish it could be a "portrait" (including non-studio) lens in any light, including dim light, and shoot at ~ 1/60 ish with 800 ISO (btw I'm using a D5000).

Additionally, I wish it could be used for more than just portraits. Having an 85mm 1.8 lens with VR would make for a more versatile lens for me, and I would pay more for it. And then Nikon could also keep the current lens for sale for the purists. I'm allowed to dream, right?

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