NEX-F5: The best camera ever

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Re: Icy at it again

IcyVeins wrote:

You don't seem to understand, I called the NESX-7 and E-M5 the best cameras ever AND THAT WAS TRUE AT THE TIME but the Sony NEX-F5 is about to supplant the E-M5 so now it will be the best. Use some common sense Danny boy!

Only one example of the utter peanut butter nutter......

IcyVeins wrote:

There is one irrefutable, irreducible truth in the cameraverse: The Olhmpus OM-D E-M5 is the best mirrorless camera in the world. It is the final camera for any enthusiast for mirrorless cameras, the camera that obsoletes all other cameras past present and future. This is reality. The future is now. The E-M5 is a living legend

So what was that you said in there ......

the camera that obsoletes all other cameras past present and future

Oh yeah, crazy statement Icy and its not the first time either is it.

Good old Icy. Well in that case the best camera ever made was a box brownie since it introduced more people to photography than any other box.

There is no eh eh BEST CAMER EVER !!. Thats just plain daft and what are you going to say when the GH3 comes out........ no don't tell me, "The best camera ever"

Pick one camera as the best camera ever, they can't all be can they. Me use common sense, gees us. Icy as always, you shoot with a dumb box and so do I. It only matters what comes out of that dumb box that counts.

Save it for the news discussion and open talk forums.

Enjoy the box with all the pretty lights and gizmo's on it Icy, bound to help.


Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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