Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: They are both competent cameras- which one

Coming late to the party, just finding a sensible place (thanks, Raist) to tuck my tuppence in ... (smile)

I ran the GH2 for a while (very happy!) until forced into a weather proofed system by the English weather. Really really tried to like the D7000 or 7D but gave up trying to figure which of their lenses were also weather proofed, so somewhat nervously went for the K-5, Pentax perfectly upfront about which of their lens line-up was weather proofed. Very happy with the K-5. My better half runs the Panny G3 (previously had a G1), and now gets wet with me with her new E-5M. So we have both systems, and good experience with both m4/3 and APS-C systems. Exactly as said, both very competent cameras, but also rather different.

While the K-5 and its lenses comprise a "small" DSLR system, it is significantly bigger (larger, heavier) than the E-M5. The E-M5 has a tiltable LCD, and the non-tiltable K-5 LCD has always given me sadness, I do a lot of macro. Finally, I found quality much more variable with Pentax kit than with previous Oly and Panny m4/3 kit... So +3 to the Oly.

But the Pentax K mount lens range, particularly the weather proofed, is much larger. Like the Oly, is has IBIS, and so is comfortable with legacy lenses. Also, third party support for K mount lenses great value, and I love the Sigma 8-16 and the 30/f1.4. Then there is the GPS / astrotracer unit, utterly unique, and the K-5 ergonomics are the best I've known. So +3 to the Pentax.

Hey, it's a draw. Exactly as said, worth handling both then making up your mind... Good luck!

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