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Anisha Kaul wrote:

I'll try that, thanks, but most of my shots are from the low level, so you know holding camera to the eye isn't easy. I can't even see the viewfinder many times. thankfully, D3100 has a LCD.

When I need to shoot from an unusual position. I either prop the camera on bit of this or that, or hold it against something sturdy, such as a door jamb. I set the timer for 2 seconds and go. I also recommend the timer when using a tripod. It gives the equipment a moment to stop vibrating.

1x is a curated gallery. The published photographs are selected by curators. They select only what they think fits "their" gallery.

You say touched up? I say many of them are hyper post processed. I shouldn't say this perhaps but many of them look plastic to me.
P.S. Forgive me for bitching behind their back

I was being kind when I mentioned touched up as you liked the site and seemed adamant about post work. I thought the skill level on the site was excellent. However, most of the images I viewed were, to me, too self aware. They were making art. So many of the images came off plodding. The curators are probably the ones to blame as they make the choices. Every year I go to an event that coincides with a juried art show. That show has much the same problem, static overworked images.

I use Gimp only for raising the contrast, or some black and white things. I prefer spending time on the camera rather than the Gimp. Gimp can be important perhaps for the wildlife and street photos since these shots cannot be retaken, so people might not have much choice other than spending hours on Gimp?

It is always faster to do as much as you can with the camera. However, most images straight out of the camera need some touches, similar to makeup.

I didn't notice it. The lens is Nikkor F/1.8 50mm G.

The G in North America doesn't have the markings. I didn't see exif data on your image other than a 1969 date. Look at the original image to confirm. Unless of course you selected A-mode and choose f1.8. If your camera has a manual, in it you will find a chart specifying what apertures and shutter speeds it will select in the various modes.

Also a 50mm on a aps-c will give the field of view of a longer lens 70ish mm if I remember correctly. This will change the thickness of the focus plane.


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