Waht is OpenDNS?

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make that click on a link. ;-)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

So, if you're using a third party DNS service and type a URL that's not in their database, you'll usually see an error page about the URL being invalid, with advert based links to sites with similar URLs (often including the same site that you misspelled in the address bar, too)

That's not a big deal from my perspective, as rather than get an error page that the URL was mistyped with nothing else on it, you get an error page with suggestions that may include the site you're trying to reach to begin with that you can just link on a link for.

Make that "click on a link " versus "link on a link".

No big deal, as the site I misspelled is often on the error page that comes up when using third party DNS servers anyway.

Also, for many common misspellings, you're probably going to hit a site that has that misspelled name registered so that it's in the databases used by DNS Servers, no matter what DNS Server provider you're using; so that you end up on a web site using that misspelled name. That has nothing to do with the DNS provider you're using.

But, for misspelled addresses that are not registered, I could care less if the DNS Server Provider gives me an error page about it that includes suggested sites with similar spellings that is based on advert supported suggestions.

If the DNS service providers make a few bucks on those advert supported links on the error page when I mistype a site's address, I could care less.

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