I hate Auto-ISO (there I feel better now).

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Re: I hate Auto-ISO (there I feel better now).

Julian Vrieslander wrote:

Sure, but let me turn your argument around. I will probably leave the Auto ISO feature enabled for most of my casual shooting (landscapes, wildlife, travel, friends and cats). I usually have the camera set to aperture priority. The camera will rarely change the ISO from what I have selected. But if I need to react quickly to get a shot (e.g. of a charging lion or Russian Blue), the auto ISO feature might save the day.

Now, when I am carefully setting up a shot for max quality, I am going to look at all the settings, and I will override (or disable) Auto ISO if I don't like the values that it is choosing. If you work in this way all the time, and if you find that Auto ISO is getting in the way, then maybe it's not for you.

I can think of a couple of situations where this feature would need to be turned off. When shooting a stitched panorama, you probably want to be in full manual mode, with all exposure settings constant. Another possible case is when you are taking exposure bracketed shots for HDR. I have not tested that one yet - and I'm not sure what the camera does if you are running an auto-bracketed sequence with Auto ISO enabled.

You are not really turning my argument around. We are pretty much in agreement, but with perhaps a different emphasis. My point was that Auto ISO should not be a turn it on and forget it setting. It has consequences that should be considered.
Robin Casady

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