Which MacBook Pro for Lightroom 4

Started Apr 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
7enderbender Contributing Member • Posts: 822
Re: The dual display is the culprit...

Thanks for posting your experiences. I'll be waiting for the new generation and see if resolution on the 15" increases. The high res screen is nice but I'm hoping for a step up from my current resolution (1400x1050 on 14"). Something between 130 and 150ppi would be nice for the real estate alone.

I don't mind if they ditch the optical drive if I can get a second hard disk instead - something I would do anyway. The few times I need an optical drive (install software, burn a CD or DVD) I'll be happy to buy a $50 external drive. That's better than always dragging around (another) external hard drive for photo backups. I hope they consider a swappable 2nd drive. Probably not since they still sell most of their laptops to folks who sit at starbucks surfing the web who would be offended by the design of such a drive bay.

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