What's so special about the 5D MK III

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Re: What's so special about the 5D MK III - +1 for Joger!

Joger - you hit the nail on the head. I agree 100% with you. The 5DMKII images are indistinguishable in my opion from images from the MKIII. For me there is ZERO reason to buy a MKIII. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to, but the results shown simply does not justify $3500.

I have spent time kicking the MKIII idea around in my head. However my ipf-8300 44" Canon printer (ONE FINE GICLEE PRINTER!) needs more resolution and not just up-res'd files. I have printed out numerous 44"x65" canvas images shot with my 5DMKII that are amazing. I have seen what others have posted and it looks like Canon is using the exact same sensor in the new MKIII so for printing purposes, nothing really changes for me with the MKIII.

I am not going to bad mouth Canon or Nikon either. Heck I was actually expecting better from them both. My ONLY objective is to work the problem back from the print result to the camera and the choice is 22MP or 36MP. If my printer could talk, I think 36MP would be the choice for clean higher resolution prints.

If a camera, like the 800E will produce a superior file for printing, then for me and my 44" canvas prints, should that not be the deciding factor as to what camera I should consider?

Since I really don't want to go MF, Nikon is the ONLY camera manufacturer that currently offers MF like resolution in a mature 35MM FF camera system. And if Canon loses business because of this, whose fault is that?? I am sure every Canon owner who switched, would have rather not gone through the headache of retooling themselves with Nikon glass, but Canon did not give them much of a choice.

I sure wish CANON could have also introduced a 36mp sensor solution to compliment the fine and very expensive L glass they manufacture. Oh well, let's see what the future holds.

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