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Re: it is the camera

Jade Willow wrote:
. . .

I agree, at least those many posts that use a particular shortcoming to justify returning a camera, lambasting the company/designers, or continually warning off others potentially interested in buying one. Much more useful would be discussions about how to work around a camera's shortcomings while exploiting its strengths.

Very well put! I totally agree.

We know, we know already. I also agree with some of that, but there's more to this issue than just the above points, and there's nothing wrong with lambasting the company or its designers for making foolhardy decisions. Those "positive" discussions are more useful to you and anyone else that is already using an X10, but pointing out the X10's defects and shortcomings is much more valuable to anyone trying to evaluate and decide whether to buy an X10 or some other camera. This forum is for everyone, even those that don't share your points of view. Forums are better served by the sometimes painful truths than by fannish allegiance to any company.

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