NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

Started May 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
scorrpio Veteran Member • Posts: 3,595
Re: NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

Take the DSLR. Otherwise, you'll be saying to self 'I wish I brought my DSLR' every time you take a picture. But I would advise also getting a nice sling strap for it. Or maybe a cotton carrier. Be sure to visit B&H on 9th and 34th. Don't worry about looking like a tourist. There's no helping it even if you don't have ANY camera on you. It's the energy, the vibe. Besides, at 3pm on a weekday on 5th Avenue, about 95% of people are tourists. Lots of cameras of every imaginable caliber. Well, except maybe for MF/LF.

In NYC, you are more likely to get mugged for blocking a subway entrance around 5pm than for your gear.

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