Any NEX user go full frame? My reason for not doing so

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Re: Any NEX user go full frame? My reason for not doing so

Heck, after I stopped shooting paid gigs, I traded my A900 in after using the lowly NEX-5 for a while, because the size advantage of the NEX-5 was so great. I've got tons of 11x14 and 13x19 prints around my house with both cameras, and I guarantee that few here would be able to distinguish between the two cameras. Now that I have the NEX-7, the difference is even more impossible to tell.

Just how big do you guys all print, anyways? To see a tangible difference between the A900 and NEX-7, I'd imagine you guys are all printing larger than 20x30, at least??

Sure, your equivalent depth of field is around a stop shallower with the A900, but, like HDR, shallow depth of field tends to be over utilized in photo forums. I rarely take a photo where one more stop of shallow depth of field would make or break it. I certainly think the considerable size advantage of my NEX system over my A900 system outweighs the small percentage of times where I could have really used that extra DOF. Plus, I could just go out and buy one of the f1.2 Noktons if I needed the shallow DOF in a pinch.

I think a lot of photographers lust after 35mm sensors without considering final output and buy more camera than they need, at least in terms of IQ. If you can't make outstanding 13x19 prints with the old NEX-5, it's not the camera. The NEX-7 is so good, that, if I needed to move up in quality, I'd probably skip 35mm altogether and rent a MFDB.

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