Wow...Kinda Delusional Here; 4/3 is Clearly Dead.

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Re: Wow...Kinda Delusional Here; 4/3 is Clearly Dead.

i am not agree with the opnion that the 4/3 format is dead, i more believe that the format will evolve into more sophisticate with mirrorless form. from the very beginning of the 4/3 olympus product like E1 they have already plan that the camera system in the future will lose their morror box, but the technology of that time is not available yet, let's say E330 that i believe the achestor of the first camera that can perform live view even though it had 2 sensor to facilitate that.. and then later with E510, more series camera body now have the live view feature.

i believe the idea of live view, it is just show me that some day more people will shot their camera using their LCD, and from that the pioneer mirrorless camera system that infact that they already introduce this concept not long after the launch of E3 than they finally released their first M4/3 product of Panasonic G1 and olympus EP1..

the only difference between the 4/3 and m4/3 format is the size of their lens mount which m4/3 using smaller size because the m4/3 have shorter flange back distance and with the statement of from olympus that m4/3 and 4/3 is actually using the same the same technology. so IMHO someday 4/3 body will also lose their mirror box like m4/3 but we can still use our 4/3 mount of lens.


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