Can an X100 be used as a P&S ?

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Re: Can an X100 be used as a P&S ?

I'm a casual photographer, meaning the fanciest camera I've owned prior to the x100 was a fuji F200 compact. The x100 can certainly be used as a point and shoot, but it does have its limitations. One thing I noticed using a point and shoot is that I almost never changed the settings. Only when I wanted to force high ISO in a low light situation. I never messed with aperture or shutter speed settings -- I just let the camera do all that. Set it up once and then pretty much forget it. So I operate fairly similarly with the x100. I have the camera set up how I like it and rarely get into the menu and change the settings for a particular shot. That said, I do now use the aperture ring on the x100 fairly often. The increased control over depth of field over even a larger sensor compact like the S95 is great, and one of the things that drew me to the x100 is the simplified controls versus having to menu-dive to access them (since I already knew I probably wouldn't be doing that). The quality of pictures I get from my x100 over previous cameras I have owned is a big jump. Not only is there more detail, better sharpness and color, but the exposure is better (unless I've accidently bumped the dial), the light gathering ability of the lens+sensor allows you to shoot in more challenging light, and the pictures come out looking like they were shot with a DSLR instead of a compact. That all said, th x100 is much bigger than a S95. I doubt your daughter would have any pockets in her wardrobe (besides a jacket pocket) that it would fit in, so that means carrying it in a purse or around her neck. And the x100 does not zoom. Coming from previously only using compacts, I was surprised that I didn't miss the zoom all that much, but there are definitely times that I wish I had it.

For me, I'm happier getting 95% of the shots that I wanted and having them turn out fantastic, even at the weight and size penalty of the x100, than I am still using a point and shoot. That said, I keep my F200 around for the times when I want something smaller or that has zoom.

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