NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

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Re: NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

I think it's worthwhile to take a dSLR if you yourself know that it's worth it to you for specific reasons, such as wanting to take pictures in low light, or extreme perspecitive photos like with the 10-20 mm lens, or shallow depth of field with your bright primes. The fact that you are not aware of such needs for yourself makes me think you'll be happier with the P&S.

Is this going to be a trip mostly oriented towards photography? Are you going to have time to change lenses, wait for that cloud to move to a better position, even use a tripod for a nighttime or sunset shot? And do you want to come home with a booty of phenomenal pictures, which not only you would enjoy but which other people would ooh and aah about? Then dSLR.

Is this trip going to be with other people, who will get annoyed every time a corner is turned because neary every corner in NYC can be a good photo opportunity, and then your friends/family will have to wait for you to move your heavy bag around your shoulder, unzip it, think for a moment which lens that is not the one on the camera do you want to change to, remove the lens hood from its storage position to its vital flare-preventing position, choose EV compensation value, and bracket? If so, then P&S.

I don't think you'll regret the experience of blending in the with crowd, eating a pretzel while you're walking, and still take out your P&S in a flash when a good moment presents itself. All those pictures NOT taken with the DSLR you left at home will soon be forgotten, whereas the experience of taking in the city with all your senses and your attention will be unforgettable.


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