180 f/2.8 returns to my bag.

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Re: 180 f/2.8 returns to my bag.

Cerumen wrote:

hangman123 wrote:

just wondering if you guys were talking about the 180mm afd or the Af version?

i just got one on ebay the AF version for 370 to use on my d700, is it a good deal?

You and I with our D700s both paid virtually the same price for this lens--the AF non-D. Great price, and you'll love the lens. It's liberating after working with a 70-200. Fast and light, and really predictable, good results. And they're pretty easy to nab at auction for under 400 US. One of the reasons to love Nikon with all that legendary old glass.

Optically the AF D and non- D are the same. Equally great. Excellent price.
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