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Mister H wrote:

Hello all

Olympus seem to have a rather confusing cashback offer on at the moment - has anyone tried to claim on it?

Originally there was an offer starting 1st March 2012 and ending 30th April 2012. If you bought an E-PM1 or E-PL3 and also bought an Olympus accessory (lens/convertor/VF/flash etc.) you could claim £50 cashback for the camera and £X for the accessory (depending on what it was - £200 in the case of the 75-300mm).

That's all well and good, but now Olympus are advertising a very similar deal with almost identical graphics. This deal runs from 1st March 2012 to 31st May 2012 but there is no mention of cash back on the cameras, just the accessories (with the same cashback amounts as the previous offer). The conditions for this offer state ' Cashback on lens/converter/accessory can only be claimed if the customer has bought an Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 or Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 within the promotion period. '

A friend of mine bought an E-PM1 kit on 6th May - she was unaware of the April cashback on the camera offer and is delighted with the PEN so isn't too distraught. She is thinking of getting the 45mm f1.8 though, and £70 off a £235 lens is not to be sniffed at! The online claim form just asks for the serial number of the camera so I rang the helpline to double check that was all that was needed - the guy I spoke to seemed rather uncertain but told me that the camera had to be bought before the end of April in order to claim for this offer - though the T&Cs don't state that anywhere - April is never mentioned! The guy on the phone seemed unsure of himself so I'm in two minds whether to advise my friend to try to claim (it might be accepted) or to tell her not to bother claiming (though it may make her decide not to buy the lens).

Can anyone shed any light on Olympus' rather confusing offer? Any constructive advice much appreciated!


I'm getting there...

It is odd that they haven't changed the graphics on the cashback page accessible from olympus.co.uk - those still say that the E-PM1/E-PL3 camera cashback ended on 30 April. Yet the combined terms and conditions page accessible from following the link for the lens/accessory cashback indicates correctly that the lens/accessory cashback finishes on 31 May, and appears to infer that this applies to the camera cashback too.

However, the camera cashback initially began before Christmas 2011, and kept being extended. When it was joined on 1 March by the lens/accessory cashback promotion, it seemed sensible that the latter would continue beyond the camera cashback period, since new owners of the cameras would likely need some extra time to identify/afford/find in stock the lens or accessory they wanted for their camera.

I am pretty sure that the basic terms of the cashback offer for the various lenses/accessories haven't changed - you need to have bought an E-PM1 or E-PL3 kit (body only isn't eligible) in the qualifying period to be able to claim one lens or accessory cashback per camera purchase, and the limit on camera purchases is 2 per household for the cashback (so you could buy 2 cameras, and claim on 2 lenses or accessories, one for each camera). We know that people who've bought the camera(s) have until 31 May to buy a cashback-eligible lens or accessory - the question is, when should people have bought the camera? It has to have been on or later than 1 March 2012 but the confusion arises about whether it must have been before 30 April or 31 May. I suspect the former, since the official retailers have now stopped advertising the camera cashback (and generally also the lens/accessory cashback as well, since it is only available to people who have ALREADY bought their Pen camera). There's been a rash of price reductions on the E-PM1 and E-PL3 this week too - usually in the order of £50 or a bit more, which is quite a strong indication that the camera cashback is over.

I know you already phoned the helpline; might be worth emailing them too as they always answer quite promptly and you'd then have it in writing (they also keep copies of the correspondence).

If a cashback proves possible for your friend, remember that items must be bought from participating, official UK stock retailers, that the purchase of accessories or lenses must not be made in the same transaction as the camera and that different retailers can be used if desired. The camera cashback has to be approved before the lens/accessory cashback can be accepted for processing, and the ownership of the camera must not change (someone on the forum reported passing on the camera to a relative who registered it, and thus the cashback was lost).

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