Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: I got drawn in to this...

PerL wrote:

But Pentax has an unique range of very small, compact, well built primes. The widget for comparision only includes a few of them.

Which would be great on an OM-D if they autofocused.

The pity is that Pentax have made two CSCs, and they have both missed the mark, by a large amount. And in time, m43 will not only have similar primes probably, but they'll have compact zooms as well.

And Canon have not yet entered the market. Pentax has tried twice, and missed the mark twice. I expect Canon will not, unless it does not want its DSLRs to be threatened.

Strategically, the OM-D is the most serious threat to DSLRs yet. Its a complete solution except for sports photography, yet the architecture is cheaper to build than DSLRs, which have many more moving parts and many more parts altogether. They cost more to build, so a CSC can be sold below them in price, yet still make more profits.

The OM-D though attacks what should be DSLR exclusive territory (except for sports focus and when that is achieved DSLRs will be regarded as having inferior focus technology, which in some areas they already do have).

the K-5 is a fine camera, and so too its lenses. But the brand lacks critical mass in the DSLR landscape. Asahi Pentax have lost the battle, and their new owner is testimony to that.

Olympus also lacks critical mass but it is profitable but not due to its cameras. Whether it will succeed is still unknown, but m43 is strengthened by Panasonic as well. The OM-D is a major challenge for all DSLRs, and if Canon to not target it with an equivalent product, then DSLRs will continue to loose exchangeable lens market share. Unfortunately, I do not see Pentax being a big player in all that, unless they try a third time. And who knows, maybe Hoya - no Ricoh - will allow them to try again.

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