Is it wise to invest on m43 system?

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its a 2 EDGE SWORD

Boy are you insecure. While I agree with other that camera are not investment, I understand what you mean. I have made a small fortune reselling canon lens, even after 2 years of using them The reason for that are 2 folds:

  • plethora of aspiring professional photographer who buys up canon gears

  • canon raise the lens price by 10-20%, so used price went up quite a bit as well

  • I'm taking advantage by selling some of my less use canon lens now

The disadvantage with m4/3 is the lack of aspiring professional photographers to drive up the used lens prices. When they go professional, 95% of them choose either canon or nikon dslr. They're the industry standard, don't bother argue about it. Every photography school recommend canon or nikon, even sony dslr don't get their acceptance.

It is a 2 Edge Swords :

  • Small Size of m4/3 gear - attracts consumers, but

  • Small Size of m4/3 gear - lack the professional look aspiring professional likes

  • People still associate SIZE with Quality even if this is technically incorrect

  • it take years for people to change their perception

My advice is this: Buy USED m4/3 gear at discount and don't worry about it. If you want EM5, don't buy it today, but buy it 2 years later at a huge discount. Unlike your canon or nikon gaer, you will not make a profit reselling you m4/3 stuff later. Take a look at ebay and Craigslist, m43 does hold the value well compare to canon or nikon.

Again, this is yet another 2 Edge Swords :

  • m4/3 camera has rapid replacement cycle of just 6months (GF2 to GF3) - 1 year

  • rapid pace = rapid technical improvements: ( better high iso, increase dynamic range, faster AF )

The downside are quick to obsolete , lost of that all-important bragging rights! . For example, it wasn't that long ago I envy after Olympus e-P3 users, now its EM5 and nobody care about e-P3.

If you're an astute buyer won't don't need the Bragging RIGHT. You saved quite a bid of money buying a 2 years old product. Olympus EM5 pull the thunder from GX1 and EP3. That is good for me, as I"m willing to wait for another year to buy them at a huge discount.

EM5 will get obsolete by Panasonic GH3 soon enough. I expect something wonderful and earth shattering at Photokina 2012. The price of EM5 will fall, then when EM6 comes out, you can buy an EM5 for cheap. Whatever camera you want now, just buy it used 2 years later.

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