imac 10.6.8 with lightroom 4.1 beachball nightmare

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Re: imac 10.6.8 with lightroom 4.1 beachball nightmare

lou Capeloto wrote:


I had Lightroom 3.6 no problems 4.1 rc seems to be presenting problems

Seems to freeze a lot with spinning beach ball on mac

closed down lightroom , closed down mac, optimized lightroom nothing seems to work to fix this issue

The adjustment brush and spot removal tools present the biggest problem.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problems

First stop:

Pay particular attention to the option for running in 64bit, ensuring you have sufficient ram, sufficient disk space and a fast disk (all quite important for localised/brushed edits).

If you've already done all that, then it's mostly only waiting for Adobe to fix it (and perhaps Apple if the OS is contributing to the problem).

On the fly image processing is complex. With Aperture, Apple took the approach of exploiting all the processing capabilities by utilising GPUs in the processing (not without its own issues). Adobe have moved to this in the latest version of Photoshop but it is still some way off for Lightroom. They therefore need to solve it by implement clever algorithms to optimise the the process. Something they are very good at and hold a lot of patents for.

Over in the Lightroom forum at Adobe they have alluded to a bottle neck, but not precisely what the bottle neck is, so they are evidently aware of issues and are likely working to resolve them.

Until that happens, you may need to apply some self-help. Here's what I would do:

a) Eliminate Lightroom entirely from the system. As part of the complex processing, caches, preferences and all manner of temporary files get created that may become out of date or corrupted as software is updated and/or crashes. So a complete removal gives you the cleanest possible re-starting point.

Note: Do not delete your catalog folders.

b) Re-install the latest RC and re-attach your catalog/libraries to it.

c) Leave it be for a while. There are likely dozens of background processes going on after the re-attach. Give them proper time to complete.

d) Run the repair options to allow it to validate and repair the catalog and metadata.

e) (optional) Test old some old images against some new images with different types of edits to see if they perform the same. I'd do this just to see if previous image metadata may have had issues being upgraded.

f) Test a range of adjustments and see if specific types of adjustments are performing better than others. Depending on the type of adjustments, there are sometime more than one way to achieve a result, and you may find, for example, the new curves to be better for applying contrast related edits.


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