Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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I got drawn in to this...

...because I answered a poster that said that the K5 was almost as big as an E-5. Then someone included the OM-D with a pancake compared to a big Sigma lens on the K5. So I answered that one - and then yours and so on...

Anyway - the lens game as a way of showing a big size difference does not work well in the Pentax case. Of course it has some relevance as it is also about system size.

But Pentax has an unique range of very small, compact, well built primes. The widget for comparision only includes a few of them.

Henry Richardson wrote:

PerL wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Here is an example. E-M5 + 20mm f1.7 (effective 40mm) and K-5 + 28mm f1.8 (effective 42mm):


Yes, the size/weight difference is pretty substantial and that is appreciated by some people.

This is better:

Yes, that is a good one. Look how much smaller the E-M5 is than the K-5. Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately, you chose lenses that aren't all that comparable though. The 45mm f1.8 is an effective 90mm and the 43mm f1.9 is an effective 64mm.

By the way, since the subject of this thread is the E-M5 and K-5 I don't see any relevance to adding a third camera. Might as well make that one a Nikon D4 or Canon S95 since those two are off subject as well.

And here:

Assuming the cameras are of equal thickness (not shown in this photo) then one might be fooled into thinking the two cameras are almost the same size. Sadly, once you take them off the flat computer screen and hold them in your hand you discover that they are 3-dimensional and not 2-dimensional so the difference becomes substantial again.

Here's another somewhat more on point comparison. E-M5 + 9-18mm and K-5 + 10-20mm:


I bet we could go on all day with this! I might have to stop for dinner soon though...

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