G.Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens possible to adapt to M8?

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Re: G.Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens possible to adapt to M8?

Irakly Shanidze wrote:

Not a chance. Being an SLR lens it has a different working distance and is not rangefinder coupled.

In theory it is possible to use an SLR lens on an M camera (in the old days there was an R-to-M adapter for example). The other way round is what is not possible, due to the lens fouling the mirror. However, I doubt it is a practical idea for a digital M for several reasons:

  • The offset micro-lenses on the M8 sensor are optimized for a different working distance, so there would likely be some sort of vignetting or other bad optical effect.

  • Without live view, the only way to focus would be scale / infinity focus or use hyper-focal distance.

  • Even the most dedicated Leica fan would admit it is the lenses not the bodies that makes the digital M cameras attractive. An M8 body with an old SLR lens seems like the worst of both worlds.

I don't recall ever seeing such an adapter for sale. If you put the Zuiko lens on a Nex or other mirrorless body, you would have a much more useable camera...


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