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faranya wrote:

I know there is an adapter so we can use our 4/3 lenses on this camera - but will they still be fully functional, and not manual like the old Zuiko legacy lenses are on the 4/3 systems?

Full communication between camera and lens, full control of aperture and AF.

Some lenses will focus more slowly under CD-AF, however, and the SWD lenses tend to 'chatter' when focusing (some feel this may shorten the SWD motor's life)

This camera sounds so impressive, when my E-620 (which is failing electronically again) finally dies (again), I'd like to save towards getting one. I dearly love my E-3 and it is irreplaceable as my landscape camera. The E-620 has been a workhorse for telephoto nature shots and I'll miss it but I don't think it's worth getting repaired another time.

Before the theft I was planning to use my tax return to buy an E-M5 and use my existing lenses w adapter... but they got the lenses I used the most, so at this point I figured I'd go all micro rather than replacing my 12-60 and 70-300. If your lenses are good, I'd just get the body and adapter (yes, there are after market adapters that give full communication) and maybe a prime or two as budget allows - the pannt 14mm 2.5 is cheap, crazy tiny and supposed to be sharp and focus fast. the Oly 12mm not cheap but well thought of.
What focal length do you use most for landscapes?

Oly 17mm is OK, the Panny 20 slow focusing (and may chatter) the PL 25 1.4 got the most votes in an informal poll, with the Oly 45mm 1.8 also highly regarded. I've got the 14 and 45, with the 12-50 kit on preorder... still trying to decide on a long zoom, but I'm leaning toward a panny 100-300
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