NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

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Re: NYC trip- DSLR or P&S?

Your question prompted me to describe an experience that I had in NYC.

Three years ago I happened to be visiting the city and found myself in the middle of a crowd of thousands of Puerto Ricans celebrating and watching the Puerto Rican Day Parade. I had a drink in one hand and food in the other. Hanging from my shoulder was a bag full of expensive photo equipment. As I walked through the crowd on Fifth Avenue I could feel my camera bag slipping from my shoulder. I had visions of my cameras and lenses spilling onto the sidewalk. Then, this Puerto Rican teenager runs up to me and grabs my bag before it hits the sidewalk. Instead of taking off with my gear, he held the bag while I slipped the strap back on my shoulder. He then disappeared back into the crowd before I could thank him.
Not a big deal, but you remember things like that.

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