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Re: Focus issues

I think price/value ratio is extremely high for the xz-1. Once you buy into a m4/3rd, you are stuck with buying more lens. You can buy an excellent lens for m4/3 to fit your bigger sensor, but after you add up the cost and inconvenience (carrying around lenses), it is a case of diminishing return for ever incremental improvements. In some cases, it may cost you twice the price of xz-1 to match or surpass its fast lens. Surely I don't think the IQ is twice as good. I'm talking about 1-5% at most in some instances where in other instances, I could've swore that my XZ-1 actually outperforms my t2i, especially in low light situations. Sure you can slap on a prime to barely beat the xz-1, but you are stuck at a fixed focal. And you must carry the other kit lens to compete with it for other focal lengths - kind of defeat the purpose of pocket-table camera near DSLR quality. I'll take out my trusty old t2i (along with XZ-1) for times I need that extra IQ and performance and focal length my xz-1 can't provide. Try slapping at 55-200 lens on a m4/3rd and it will render most of advantages of m4/3rds have over DSLR MUTE really fast. It would cost more too.

I feel xz-1 is the perfect sidekick for a semi-pro or those who value IQ above all. It is the best/fastest lens for its size, IMO. Anything bigger [G12, GF1X, GF3, G1X etc] will cost 30-50% more and becomes too big for those who prefer not to carry backpacks or bigger camera bags. For the same price as S100, I'd pick the XZ-1 any day of the week. Just because I do enjoy taking good pictures without having to invest too much money/time or hassle of carrying something a bit over-sized. I can walk around with XZ-1 all day and don't feel like it is a burden whereas G12, GF3 will feel like dead weights after awhile.

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