Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: CDAF is usually more accurate

Thom Hogan said in one of his blogs that DSLRs are made unnecessarily large, including the small entry level ones. I don't know if he meant the lenses as well. But I believe him - look at how small the Olympus OM1, Olympus XA or Pentax ME Super were, and they were full frame!

Of course cameras today do more, but I can also argue that manufacturers have had 30 years to equalize that.

I work with the IQ/size ratio. I will put up with a somewhat larger camera if it has superb IQ. Conversely, I will put up with slight inferior IQ if it means a significantly smaller camera.

If a camera such as the Nikon D3200 can be made smaller, that ratio will start to appear attractive. The ultimate for me would be the Canon S100 with a super duper sensor. It will take the IQ/size ratio to infinity!

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