Pentax Q discontinued?

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Re: Pentax Canada Says The Q Is NOT Discontinued...Expects New Lenses

Have not heard anything about A Q2. Not really time for one yet. What could they add? No newer or bigger sensor exists yet. The body can not be built much better. They could add swiveling screen or builtin evf. Both would add to the size of the Q. Would that sell more cameras? The one thing I would like is a much larger buffer for quicker shooting - especially in Raw.

When reordering Q stock about 2 months ago was told that the supply was tight in US because so many were being sold in Asia. US hasn't bought any mirrorless well. Think Pentax knew that going in. Over all the Q seems to be selling well. Look at all the lens adapters, cases, lens hoods, and leather body coverings availale specifically for the Q. Also the Sonnetar and Slr Magic lenses in Q mount. If the Q is not selling why are new companies entering the mix every day?

The Q got slammed by nerdgineers the day it was introduced. Now people are getting to see how well it performs and how happy its owners are. Have seen naysayers buying the Q as a seond or backup camera. The Q is picking up momentum and the best is yet to come. Waiting for another batch of Q to arrive- we ran out.

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