Best fisheye for D800E?

Started May 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Sam Rohn
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Re: Zenitar is worth considering

typically when using a fisheye to shoot 360° panoramas you would use live view to determine sharpest focus at a given aperture, then tape the lens down to keep it from accidentally shifting, as a general starting point infinity typically works better for ext landscape etc, hyperfocal for smaller interiors, depends on the lens, dof of your subject etc

here is a pano shot by another photographer w nikon 16mm on D800

best inexpensive fisheye is probably the samyang 8mm for around $300, but it requires removing the lens hood for use on full frame cameras if you want to shoot 4-around full 360°, either by partially disassembly or w a hacksaw

also see these tutorials for more info


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