Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: Many cameras are better than the OM-D.

Promit wrote:

SirSeth wrote:

That said, every spec sheet is only part of the equation.

Yes, and I've read glowing reviews of cameras that were pretty shoddy once I handled them. (D3100, NEX 3/5). I'm finding it's very difficult to evaluate a camera without having it in hand for a couple days.

Totally get you on this. My E-1 was love at first touch. E-3 also just felt right. K-5 is very close to ergonomically perfect for me too. Better than E-3 and on par with E-1. (Must be my Maxxum 7 that I loved).

That said, all indications so far are that live view alone is enough of a killer feature for me that I would not buy a DSLR.

It's 6 on my list. So a priority, but not so high that I'm not ready to sell my DSLR and lenses just yet.

It's about priorities. Here's my list.

1. Priced In My Budget
2. Lenses I Want
3. Pleasing Color and DR/RAW Quality
4. Weather Sealing/Robust Build/Anti-Dust Solution
5. Ergonomics/Controls
6. Live View/Video Implementation/Tilt LCD
7. Viewfinder Quality
8. Competitive Noise Control/Image Stabilization
9. Competitive AF

10. Reasonable Versatile Size/Weight (Not too small for larger lenses. Not too big or heavy for the long haul).

Some of these priorities are really nailed by the OM-D. More so than the K5 would get, but I suspect the OP will have a completely different list compared with mine, so my opinions are really moot. I wish everyone who asks about cameras would post their top 10 priorities, but maybe they are asking because they really don't know their priorities. I think that's common. Things that didn't even make my top 10 are MP count, battery life, brand name, sensor size, art filters, panoramic mode/focus peeking, miniaturization... Good stuff, but not in my top 10.

For people who really want HD video and live view and miniaturization, mirrorless is a no brainer. For those who have high ISO and DOF control on top FF is the real deal. I think most people have placed brand name near the top too--just because they don't know what else could/should be priorities.

So subjective and so much fun!


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