Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Assuming you still think it is OK and safe, then consider this. The K-5 is no more than an very old K-7 with a Sony sensor and some trivial update. The same old and inadequate 11-point AF system, the same out of date flashes, the same problems in lens lineup and the dreaded SDM lens motor problem and even worse, independent lens makers keep dropping support for Pentax K-mount, e.g. no new Tamron, Tokina, and others. The Nikon D7000 is much safer bet if it has to be a DSLR.

Perhaps the D7000 has better focusing. And sure Nikon has "critical mass". But ... if you have a D7000, is just some very mediocre weather proofing that keeps it from being on the bottom of the Nikon ladder of success. I believe the K-5 is much better sealed than the Nikon (any Nikon DSLR) and its the top camera they sell with a APS-C sensor. And they have a few weatherproof lenses, of which a couple are cheap. Asahi Pentax were much much bigger than Canon once you know ...

And as far as being a development of the K-7, that's a bonus IMO. Its mature tech - a good thing, and the sensor is a beauty.

I hope Pentax stay in business. And if one is considering the K-5 versus the OM-d, then consider also the mirrorless Pentax with the K-5's sensor. It may not react quickly etc, but its low cost and has a great sensor. It'll also work just as well as a K-5 probably for 80% of a normal person's shots.

Obviously the advantage of OM-D / Pen, is in lens size. And already there are small primes, some quite excellent. As Olympus and Panasonic bring out better lenses, including teles and better zoom lenses, they'll still be relatively quite small. And sensors will continue to get much much better, year after year. And each year than happens, the better m43 and its compact lenses will look.

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