I hate Auto-ISO (there I feel better now).

Started May 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
wilkman Senior Member • Posts: 1,872
Hey Al, what if you had a film camera....

....that instead of having to buy and load different rolls of film for all the various film speeds you shoot, you could buy a "special roll' that the camera automatically adjusted to whatever ISO you needed for the aperture and shutter you needed for the desired pict.

And not only does the new "special roll" work just as well as any of the well known single ISO speed rolls, it let's the cam set anywhere in the ISO spectrum in 1/6 stop increments...effectively breaking the 1/3 stop metering barrier.

...do you think a roll of film like this would have sold well ????

Sure, you still have to know if you're working in light that will support the aperture, shutter, and resultant ISO you need for the quality & size print you have in mind .... but that just means having some experience, like always, just as with film, huh?

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