NEX professionalism drawback?

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Re: Can't imagine you have many clients with that attitude and MF lenses

millsart wrote:

Wow..... I'm a sports photographer for a living. I use two Nikon d3s and a wide range of Nikon AF lenses. Its a tough business with a ton of competition. Every sideline or baseline at a NCAA or NFL etc game is packed with tons of photographers, who also all have nice gear and are also taking hundreds of images of the same action I am.

I don't do it for a living, only a side job for now. Wish I could use those cameras you have. Would be nice.

How your able to stay in business not only as a sports photographer using MF glass on a NEX body (why on earth would you want to do that as well when there are so many amazing tools out there better suited for the job. The high ISO quality of a D3 alone would be worth the switch even if you manual focus the thing) but with that attitude towards your clients baffles me.

Simple, I just shoot and shoot. It's how photographs were taken a long time ago, so why can't it be viable today with today's focus assisting features? It's definitely not the most efficient, or most reliable, but I don't have $10k to drop on an equivalent Full Frame autofocus set up. That's out of the picture for me. Maybe 5, 10 years on down the road, but not in the near future, that's for sure.

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