NEX professionalism drawback?

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Re: agreed, Nex is a strange choice for sports

I deal with professional social photographers daily, as the magazine I produce, Master Photography, is entirely about this. As it happens we do not have Seniors photography at all in Britain, we are missing a massive market but there is no word for it here as Seniors means old aged pensioners not High School fifth and sixth year (in our terms). However, we are trying to find a way to create this market in Britain.

My advice to our readers has been fairly consistent, including several articles last year - if you can move to medium format, do so. The reasons have nothing to do with the final image (or not all that much) and a lot to do with the part-time competition. Our readers are full time career, studio owning photographers and they've never had to face such a level of competition from weekenders. One way they can make the pro/parttime distinction clear to clients is by using equipment their competitors are not. And many do, if they have successful businesses; our local small town photo store studio service uses Hasselblad digital for example.

For the client, there is a secondary issue - the experience. Many of our readers offer a complete experience which may include styling and make-up, hired locations, outfits or props, sometimes travel to destinatioons (Rome, Paris, Venice are all popular). The shoot may take an hour, it may take several days, but how the subject feels during the process is critical to the deal and the quality of images. It shows!

So, the senior portrait girl may simply have responded better to what was seen as a professional camera; the whole experience could have resulted in better images because of the camera, even if the camera really had nothing to do with in technically. Like being taken to church in a Rolls-Royce, or holding a party on a rented luxury yacht.

The big lumpy ugly Canon (yup, they are, ever so deliberately!) has the right effect.


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