NEX professionalism drawback?

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Re: NEX professionalism drawback?

El Matadurr wrote:

twoeggmedia wrote:

I have a NEX-7 I have for personal use and as a back-up to my Sigma SD15 I use almost solely for portrait work I do. I had a senior portrait session scheduled Saturday afternoon. The night before I saw hints of sensor dust on the previous days shoot with the Sigma and decided to use the NEX-7 with the 50mm 1.8E and some Leica lenses I use via adapter. This would be the first time I had used the NEX as a primary.

I use my NEX-7 as my sole sports photography camera, with manual Nikon glass.

I take it you find this combo works well? How do you find the manual focus and fast sports action? (or do you tend to pre focus and shoot when the focus area if 'invaded' (so to speak..)?)

We met at one of my shoot locations and I got the NEX out and mounted it on my tripod to set up lighting and white balance. The mother of the girl I was shooting questioned my "dinky" camera. I said I understand it's a small camera and explained the quality of the NEX and my Leica lenses, even got out my iPad and showed my Flickr page shots and pointed out the portraits on my website done with the NEX. She scoffed and refused to go on with the shoot, saying, "we're not paying for a shoot with that dinky camera, you've got to be kidding me." I even offered to take a few for her to review and if she wasn't happy, we could reschedule. She was quite indignant and refused.

Quite honestly, that lady acted like a stuck-up bitch. There, I said it. That's just not right the way she treated you.

Quite right, but she was more of a STUPID bitch rather than stuck-up..

Does anyone else use a NEX professionally? If so, does anyone ever question the appearance of your camera? I guess I should have got the Sigma out just for appearances!?

As mentioned, it's what I use for all of my shots. My photos speak for me, not the camera. Parents are loving the shots they are buying, and the few that ask me about the camera are more curious than asinine.

Exactly - providing you are producing the images they want, what matters it what camera you use?
The camera is YOUR tool, and AID to help you produce the images they want.

It's not for the client/customer to specify or question your camera - they only have the right to be happy or unhappy with the final images.

If I employ a plumber, I care if he does the job and fixes the leak. I don't care a damn if he uses a $20 stilson wrench or a $140 stilson wrench. He chooses what works best for him for the job at hand!

That said, it does help that when the camera is at an event I have BIG glass on it, as seen below. My customers may be seeing just the lens then and not worrying.

In your case, don't worry about that lady, and keep using your camera how you want. If anything, try to be super confident with your skills with the camera, showing off pictures as you take them. I've had parents with their entry-dslrs stand next to me while I'm taking pictures, and when they look at their image (blurry, noisy, not magnified enough) they are disappointed, then when they see the stuff on my screen it's usually a combination of "Wow" and "Can you focus on shooting my son this game" and "How do I get prints from you".

I'm sure you've already seen it, but I wrote an article for Steve Huff going into detail with my practice and experience so far, if interested:

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