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Re: are you that naive?

Oh please. Paypal is completely safe as long as it's between two honest people. There are hundreds of ways to get scammed besides Paypal. With more and more people get robbed in cash transactions I always offer Paypal as an option to my buyers on CL. The transaction goes something like this

1) We meet at a public location with Wi-Fi.
2) The buyer inspects the equipment.
3) Buyers pays as Gift or credit card if they are willing to pay the 3% fee.
4) I provide a bill of sale with product serial number and we both sign it.

This is a lot safer than carrying thousands of dollars in cash to meet with a total stranger who may or may not rob you. Almost every $1000+ transaction the buyer opted for the Paypal option due to safety concerns.

Moneybroker is a decent service that I've used to pay for eBay transactions a few years ago. I've never use them to accept money.

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