Transfer Photos Windows7 to ipad w/o iTunes

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Re: Why not use iTunes? Let's see...

It is more than aesthetics.

iTunes’ Windows Problem
April 15, 2012 - 11:16 pm | Edited by Jean-Louis Gassée

... the toxic waste of success cripples iTunes. There are times when I feel that iTunes has reached Windows Vista bloatware proportions: Increasingly non-sensical complexity, inconsistencies, layers of patches over layers of patches ending up in a structure so labyrinthine no individual can internalize it any longer. (Just like the Tax Code.)

I run a Mac Air with Parallels, so have both Win 7 and Mac OS loaded. I also have iTunes on both OS's. Just now tried launching iTunes, first under Win 7, then under Mac. Results: On Windows 7, iTunes took just short of 30 seconds to be ready to use. On the Mac OS, it took about 4 seconds.

Granted, running Windows under Parallels might affect things, but I also have a beefy all-Windows desktop at home, and my subjective experience is that iTunes doesn't launch any faster on that machine than it does under Windows on the Mac Air.

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